Nortel Application Switch 2208

Switch - L4-L7 - Managed - 8 x 10/100 + 2 x SFP - rack-mountable

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Manufacturer Nortel
Part number EB1412030E5-G5
FlexIt SKU 2261581G5
Product condition
G5 - Refurbished B-Grade
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    • Increases productivity by optimizing and accelerating applications
    • Reduces infrastructure costs by allowing resources to be used to their fullest capacity
    • Reduces downtime and loss of productivity by preventing denial of service attacks
    • Secures data blocking intrusion attempts by integrating Symantec's Intelligent Network Protection technology into the switch
    • Provides high availability through instant fail-over when a server, site or WAN link becomes unavailable
    • Puts IT back in control by identifying and managing application traffic and by providing extensive tools for application identification, prioritization, redirection, rate limiting, and shaping
    • Secures and accelerates traffic with integrated secure sockets layer (SSL) acceleration, multiplexing and compression
    • Enables service providers and large enterprises to easily manage complex networks via virtualized switch management

    Nortel Application Switches deliver application availability, performance and security by balancing and accelerating traffic and by giving IT Managers control over their network.

    Nortel Application Switches integrate routing and switching by forwarding traffic at layer 2 speed using layer 4-7 information. They are designed from the ground up to optimize networks for application performance. Built around the Nortel's patented, distributed processing Virtual Matrix Architecture, these switches provide uncompromising performance and value.

    Application Switches are commonly used in server farms, data centers, web hosting sites or wherever availability, performance and security are required. Nortel's Application Switches have been optimized to work with applications from leading vendors including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and SAP.

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