Keyboard and mouse set - wireless - 2.4 GHz - French - key switch: CHERRY SX - black

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Manufacturer CHERRY
Part number JD-8500FR-2
FlexIt SKU 2343316N1
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    • Extremely quiet keystrokes
    • CHERRY SX scissor mechanism
    • Quiet mouse buttons
    • 3-level adjustable mouse sensor with up to 2400 dpi
    • Rubberized feet for perfect slip resistance
    • Integrated metal plate for maximum torsional rigidity
    • “Blauer Engel"" ecolabel
    • Durable key lettering
    • Keyboard with AES-128 encryption
    • Battery life up to 36 months (keyboard: 36 months, mouse: 12 months)
    • Status LEDs show low battery charge and mouse resolution
    • Keyboard with integrated status LEDs for the CAPS LOCK, NUM and SCROLL keys
    • Keyboard with 10 office & multimedia keys
    • 6 mouse buttons and scroll wheel
    • Flat overall height
    • GS approval (full size layout)
    • Perfectly coordinated design

    The STREAM DESKTOP is the logical next step in the evolution of the STREAM family: It combines all the features of the popular STREAM KEYBOARD with wireless 2.4 GHz freedom and a perfectly matched six-button mouse.

    Visually, the popular STREAM KEYBOARD and the new wireless version are cut from the same cloth. Why change something that is already perfect? The simple, yet elegant design means that there is something for everyone - both in the office and at home. And the mouse is the ideal companion. Its shape and size are designed for optimal comfort in both medium and large hands.

    If you value ease of use, STREAM DESKTOP is right for you. The mouse and keyboard are ideally matched. The forward and back buttons on the side of the mouse prove to be indispensable in any number of daily tasks. And this dynamic duo can be perfectly adapted to your needs: The mouse resolution has three settings up to 2,400 dpi, and the keyboard has ten office and multimedia keys.

    The only way you can have more flexibility is by using the free CHERRY KEYS software. You can download them from. With CHERRY KEYS, in just a few clicks you can configure your keyboard and mouse to perfectly suit your individual needs.

    And nothing beats the convenience of the LEDs built into various keys. They let you know when the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock or Num Lock keys on the keyboard have been activated. In addition, the LEDs flash when you need to change batteries. However, this is a rare occurrence with the STREAM DESKTOP. With up to 36 months of battery life, this set is particularly tenacious.

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