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We are Flex IT Distribution

We represent the smartest deal. By offering an alternative for buying the latest and greatest products. For spending too much on hardware that doesn’t make a true difference for a company’s performance, especially when budgets are limited. Simultaneously, we represent the best ecological option; by reducing the need of resources and reducing waste.

We are the gateway for buying refurbished hardware without compromise. We make circular IT happen, whether it is trough selling new equipment with a guaranteed buyback, through Rent or Demo services, or by selling the best possible refurbished products.

   Why choose FlexIT

Specialist Distributor in circular IT solutions

20,000 m² of stock

New, penultimate and refurbished hardware

IT rental and IT buy-back services

Next-Day Delivery: Throughout Europe

Higher margin than on regular products

About our service

Circular IT service

Flex IT Distribution has been a specialised distributor for IT resellers in Europe for over 15 years. With a sustainable product portfolio,FlexIT helps resellers offer alternatives to the latest equipment, so that they can differentiate themselves in their supply to end-users. As the devices are circular, they are better for the environment, and they often cost less as well!

There are plenty of alternatives to the latest greatest IT. Prolonging the life cycle is key and includes possibilities such as IT buyback, refurbishment and offering renew and EOL models. By reusing a product it isn’t unnecessarily recycled, thus reducing the need for new products and scarce raw materials. This also applies to penultimate models, returns or ex-demo models which would otherwise enter the waste process unused. By actively offering these products, we can battle the global scarcity of raw materials. Another advantage is for your wallet! Your customer can easily save 40-60% when buying refurbished instead of the newest model, while your margin is higher than on regular products.

FlexIt goals

Our mission

A partnership with FlexIT complements your services and provides you with high margins. Our cooperation is aimed at achieving the maximum return on your projects. Together we can fully facilitate the your customer in all the IT needs. In addition, together with our customers, we contribute to the environment by extending the life cycle of IT equipment.

Our vision

We extend the life cycle of IT equipment

We help our customers save on management and maintenance

We help our customers save on hardware